Pumps - Forsyth Originalz
  • Pumps - Forsyth Originalz
  • Pumps - Forsyth Originalz

Pumps - Forsyth Originalz

Brand: Forsyth Scottish Dancing Shoes, Scotland
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"Specially designed by a World Champion for Champions and those who would like to be Champions".

Designed by World Champion Billy Forsyth, the fame of Billy Forsyth Scottish Dancing Shoes has travelled from country to country and from Continent to Continent, as the years have gone by, and they are now recognised as the Premier Highland Dance Shoe available.

Priced from only $80, these are the ultimate in Highland Dance pumps.  Billy Forsyth Originalz are supersoft, supple, cut neat to the foot and shaped to show your footwork to perfection.  Designed to delight the most pernickety* of dancers.  Make sure you buy the brand with the distinctive white lace tabs and white sole.

Based on the same principles as the famous 'Finnegan' shoes of the 1930s -50s, the Billy Forsyth brand keeps to the simplest possible rule: don't detract from the dancer - 'allow your feet to do the talking'.

Size Guide

As a general guide, Forsyth shoes are designed to be worn a size below the UK outdoor shoe size.

We would advise customers to ensure that their shoes are a tight fit when new, because there will be some stretching in the leather to allow the shoe to mould to the foot.  This happens as the shoe warms to the feet.  If the shoe is too loose when purchased then it will become too large.

It is recommended that your new shoes are worn around the house as 'slippers' to help them mould to your feet.

To further help in your shoe size selection below are the lengths of Forsyth shoes.  This measurement is the approximate cm length along the sole of the shoe.

Size 7 - 12.5 cm
Size 8 - 13.5 cm
Size 9 - 14.5 cm
Size 10 - 15.5 cm
Size 11 - 16.3 cm (+ $10)
Size 12 - 17.1 cm (+ $10)
Size 13 - 17.9 cm (+ $10)
Size 1 - 18.7 cm (+ $10)
Size 2 - 19.6 cm (+ $20)
Size 3 - 20.5 cm (+ $20)
Size 4 - 21.3 cm (+ $20)
Size 5 - 22.1 cm (+ $20)
Size 6 - 23.0 cm (+ $30)

Laces included with pumps.

Yes, we do offer an appro service!  If your pumps don't fit, feel free to return them within seven days for another size or refund.*

*You will need to pay the initial shipping cost of the order ($5) and pumps returned must be in 'as new' condition, with clean soles.

Have a question?  Please send us an e-mail!

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