Highland Dancing Hose (Adult)
  • Highland Dancing Hose (Adult)
  • Highland Dancing Hose (Adult)
  • Highland Dancing Hose (Adult)

Highland Dancing Hose (Adult)

Brand: Bonnie Tartan, Scotland
Product Code: BTHDH-A
Availability: Normal Delivery 4 - 6 Weeks
Price: $320.00

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Bonnie Tartan's luxury highland dance tartan hose are the finest you can own.  They follow the traditional Scottish pattern of having three diamonds on the cuff.  Their supersoft yarns are specially selected to match the colours of your kilt.

Each individual tartan kilt hose (sock) is made to your exact measurements and fully fashioned/shaped with a soft reinforced linked seam up the back, ensuring a perfect secure fit and exceptional comfort.

Made to SOBHD & SOHDA regulations by Bonnie Tartan.

Made from the finest 100% Pure New Wool.

Made in Scotland.

Please refer to the Measurement Guide (below) before ordering your hosiery.

Measurement Guide

Please provide measurements in UK Imperial inches (to the half inch).

Please take all hose measurements standing straight, looking forward with your feet placed together.  Please do not try to take the measurements yourself, it requires two people.

The measurements required for our hose are Calf, Length and Foot.  These measurements should be taken as follows:

Calf - take this measurement firmly around the widest part of the calf.

Length - take this measurement from the heel (floor) to where you wish the hose to stop below the knee. We will add extra for the cuff.

Foot - take this measurement from the heel to your big toe.


*Please note; we cannot accept responsibility for wrong measurements supplied.

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