Canning Tenor Drone Reeds

Canning Tenor Drone Reeds

Brand: Canning Reedmakers, Scotland
Product Code: CTO
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Price: $95.00

Set of two Canning Tenor Drone Reeds.

• Moisture absorbant, cotton based tufnol body.
• Tenor & bass reeds have different style tongues to produce the finest harmonics & balance.
• Setscrew in detatchable nose-cone to allow easy & quick adjustments to pitch.
• Easy to start and stop. No roaring bass or squealing tenors.
• Extensively tested in variety of bagpipes and set-ups.


PM Ryan Canning ~ Shotts & Dykehead

Ryan Canning World Pipe Band Champions 2015 Shotts and Dykehead Caledonia Pipe Band


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