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*Braemar Jacket - Lomond Blue Tweed 38" Chest*
*ONE ONLY - 38R* (VEST NOT INCLUDED) The Braemar is a variation on the traditional one-butto..
$495.00 $345.00
*Duncan MacRae SL4 Bagpipes IN STOCK*
Set up and ready to play, fully reeded with Ezeedrone Increased Absorption Drone Reeds, Canmore Hybr..
$3,250.00 $3,150.00
*Fred Morrison Smallpipes - Mouth Blown IN STOCK*
Mouth Blown Scottish Smallpipes in the key of A (no switch) - IN STOCK! African Blackwood wi..
$2,325.00 $2,175.00
*NEW! PH1HC Celtic Heritage Bagpipes*IN STOCK!*
RG Hardie & Co are proud to announce the addition of the Celtic Heritage Bagpipes.  A ..
$4,050.00 $3,850.00
*Prince Charlie Jacket & Vest - 44R IN STOCK*
IN STOCK - SIZE 44R (44" CHEST) This stylish, formal evening jacket can be worn to all formal fun..
$545.00 $445.00
Blair Digital Chanter
Real sounds.  Real holes.  Real instrument. The Blair Digital Chanter breaks new ground..
$975.00 $950.00
Ceòl Pipe Chanter, by McCallum
McCallum Bagpipes have produced a completely revamped, plastic pipe band chanter called the Ceò..
$250.00 $195.00
Glengarry - Stock-lot Special!
LIMITED STOCK! Stock-lot of Glengarries, special price, while stock lasts! ..
$90.00 $60.00
Scottie Dog Bobble Hat
Adult black cable knit bobble hat with metal Scottie dog badge. ..
$20.00 $15.00
The Reed Book Interactive DVD-Rom
“Probably the most comprehensive product about reeds ever published”. This DVD-Rom contains a 57 ..
$50.00 $40.00
*Argyll Jacket - Black Barathea 40R*
*ONE ONLY - 40" CHEST (REGULAR LENGTH)* The traditional Argyll Jacket, perfect for pipe band..
$455.00 $395.00
*Argyll Waistcoat - Charcoal Tweed w/Polished Buttons*
*ONE ONLY - 38L WITH POLISHED BUTTONS* Charcoal Tweed Argyll Waistcoat, hand made in Scotland, wi..
$170.00 $145.00
*NEW! Piper's Friend™ Water Trap*
*NEW!* A new concept in a two piece stock and water trap/moisture control system, the Piper's Fr..
$185.00 $145.00
*Pipe Case - R G Hardie Piper Case*IN STOCK*
The Piper Case is suitable for international travelling as hand/cabin luggage but check with the air..
$250.00 $225.00
*Pipercraft Figurines ON SALE*
LIMITED STOCK - PRICED TO CLEAR A beautiful range of figurines set on a hardwood base which depic..
$50.00 $30.00
*Tone Protector™ *IN STOCK*
he world’s first digital chanter cap with two-way humidity control technology and the world's best s..
$125.00 $115.00
*Tone Protector™ Reed Case*IN STOCK*
The Tone Protector™ Reed Case: Digital Reed Storage with Two-Way Humidity Control The Tone Protec..
$115.00 $105.00
Brushes - Nylon (Set of 4)
LIMITED STOCK! Nylon Brushes - Set of 4. Essential maintenance items.  Regular cleaning o..
$35.00 $25.00
Cane Bass Reed
Superbly hand crafted, using the finest cane from around the globe, in the age old traditional ..
$17.50 $15.00
Pipe Case - Deluxe Piper Case
The Deluxe Case is the ultimate backpack case for Bagpipes.  A stylish Piper case, available in..
$325.00 $295.00