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*Mixed Pitch Sticks SPECIAL!*
Mis-matched pitch sticks special! MINIMUM PURCHASE 2 SETS.  LIMITED STOCK! Sticks cu..
$32.50 $10.00
*Reid Maxwell PS-RM1 "Max" Sticks*
All in-stock sticks matched for pitch and weight by Reid Maxwell! J. Reid Maxwell MSR Series P..
$32.50 $20.00
*Reid Maxwell PS-RM2 "Slim" Sticks*
All in-stock sticks matched for pitch and weight by Reid Maxwell! J. Reid Maxwell MSR Series P..
$32.50 $20.00
*Reid Maxwell PS-RM3 "Rookie" Sticks*
J. Reid Maxwell MSR Series PS-RM3 REID MAXWELL PIPE BAND MODEL #3 "ROOKIE" / MAPLE Designed to..
$32.50 $20.00
*RG Hardie - Blackwood Solo Chanter*
R.G. Hardie® Blackwood Pipe Chanter - IN STOCK! Designed by Alastair Dunn, Double Gold Medalist..
$500.00 $400.00
*RG Hardie - Infinity Blackwood Solo Chanter*
*NEW YEAR SPECIAL - IN STOCK!* Designed by double gold medalists and world champion pipers, Callu..
$550.00 $490.00
*Steven McWhirter isl-2 Sticks*
Designed by nine times World Solo Drumming Champion Steven McWhirter.   These high qual..
$32.50 $27.50
Argyll Jackets - Black 50" Chest
*SPECIAL, ONE ONLY - 50" CHEST* The traditional Argyll Jacket, perfect for pipe bands o..
$450.00 $250.00
Electronic Bagpipes - Technopipes
Highly portable. Fits in your pocket: only Ø16 x 249 mm (Ø5/8" x 10") Co..
$545.00 $490.00
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*Pipe Case - Piper Flight Case*
*NEW - NOW IN STOCK!* The Piper Flight Case is a lightweight trolley and back-pack case desi..
$250.00 $225.00
Brushes - Nylon (Set of 4)
Nylon Brushes - Set of 4. Essential maintenance items.  Regular cleaning of pipe bores will ..
$35.00 $30.00
Eric Ward PS-EW Sticks
PS-EW ERIC WARD PIPE BAND MODEL – MAPLE The PS-EW is designed with the specifications of World Ch..
$32.50 $15.00
G1 Platinum Reed Special - Medium-Firm
$26.00 $20.00
Hose - Piper Sock 'Lovat Green'
*SIZE LARGE ONLY (SHOE SIZE 11-14) - WHILE STOCK LASTS* The Piper Kilt Hose takes its look and te..
$45.00 $30.00
Bass Head - Ambassador (White)
*LIMITED STOCK - 24" ONLY* The Ambassador® Smooth White™ Drumhead features Smooth White™ film wit..
$75.00 $65.00
Bass Head - Pinstripe (Ebony)
*LIMITED STOCK - 24" ONLY!* The Pinstripe® Ebony® features focused low-end tones with controlled ..
$110.00 $70.00
Cybermax Snare Drum Head - for Pearl & HTS200
*LIMITED STOCK!* CyberMax Universal Snare Drum Head for Pearl and HTS200 - see compatibility,..
$120.00 $105.00
Pumps - Junior Platinum
*CLEARANCE - LIMITED STOCK* St Kilda Platinum Pumps are beautifully crafted and are finished wi..
$105.00 $55.00
Tenor Head - Pinstripe
*LIMITED STOCK - 14" & 16" ONLY* The Pinstripe® Clear features midrange tones with low-end ..
$55.00 $30.00
Andante - PB2 Snare Sticks
Andantes drumstick manufacturing facility can offer a range of player-designed high quality map..
$35.00 $20.00