*NEW! Piper's Friend™ Water Trap*
  • *NEW! Piper's Friend™ Water Trap*
  • *NEW! Piper's Friend™ Water Trap*
  • *NEW! Piper's Friend™ Water Trap*

*NEW! Piper's Friend™ Water Trap*

Brand: McCallum Bagpipes
Product Code: PF1
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*NEW!* A new concept in a two piece stock and water trap/moisture control system, the Piper's Friend™

With so many different designs to try and reduce the moisture in the bag and reeds, George Steele designed a system that requires little disruption to the bagpipe setup while being hygienic and easy to access.

The Piper’s Friend™ fits between the bag and the blowpipe in the form of a double stock and will suit any bag once fitted.

The double stock houses the ingenious Water Trap system that allows air to pass through with ease but filters moisture from the air as it passes the intricate veins.

The Piper’s Friend™ has been heralded as the most efficient water trap for the bagpipe from bagpipe players who have tested it.

Scientific testing consistently demonstrated reduction of humidity from ~60% to ~10% (as measured at ambient temperature) when the bagpipe is fully inflated. Reducing the amount of moisture getting into the bag is one of the most important features needed in bagpipe playing and a major benefit of owning the Piper’s Friend™.

The Piper’s Friend™ is quick and easy to replace making it efficient and hygienic, and with the low airflow resistance a piper won’t be impeded by it either.


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