Kilt - Casual 5 Yard
  • Kilt - Casual 5 Yard
  • Kilt - Casual 5 Yard
  • Kilt - Casual 5 Yard
  • Kilt - Casual 5 Yard

Kilt - Casual 5 Yard

Brand: St Kilda, Glasgow
Product Code: T-KCMT05
Availability: Normal Delivery 6 - 8 Weeks
Price: $645.00

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* Pleating:

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The 5 yard kilt is a lightweight and versatile alternative to the traditional 8 yard kilt. Less fabric is used in the pleats at the back, meaning you get a full kilt for a much cheaper price. Otherwise, the construction is exactly the same, so you can be sure of a quality garment. There being less material means these kilts are especially well-suited for warmer climates. A 5-yard kilt also makes a fantastic starter kilt, or for Highland Games, or for young adults with a bit of growth left in them. Available in all the tartans available for the 8-yard kilt.

Traditionally, all kilts were once 5-yards, first box-pleated before the knife pleating (used here) became fashionable. It was only at the end of the nineteenth century that heavier 8-yard kilts became the standard. 

As with all our kilts, this garment is Made in Scotland by highly trained kilt makers. They are fully canvas lined with 3 buckles to ensure an excellent fit. Kilt pin and sporran may be purchased separately. 

The kilt is stitched from 5 yards of worsted wool, available in a full range of tartans.

Measuring advice:

  • - Waist: measure firmly around waist at navel height.
  • - Seat: measure around the largest part of the seat area.
  • - Kilt Length: measure from the top of the hip at navel height to the top or middle of the knee. As a rule of thumb, your kilt length should be no shorter than a third of your height. It's usually better to get someone to help with this measurement, as you'll tend to lean forward and shorten the length when doing it yourself.
  • - Height: provide this in feet and inches.


This item is made to order in Glasgow, with a standard delivery time of 6 to 8 weeks. If you need it sooner please let us know.

If you have any queries regarding the measurement process, or would like some additional information before placing your order please e-mail us.


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