Water Trap - Tube with Connector

Water Trap - Tube with Connector

Brand: Gannaway New Zealand
Product Code: GANWTC
Availability: In Stock
Price: $40.00

The famous Gannaway tube-style water trap, manufactured with reinforced, unrestrictive hose and custom-made blowpipe stock connector.

Gannaway Water Trap Features:

  • - Custom-made connector* for simple attachment into the base of the blowpipe stock
  • - Reinforced hose
  • - Wide guage hose for unrestricted airflow
  • - Hose has a pre-bent 'elbow', just beneath where the hose fits into the blowpipe stock
  • - Fits neatly into the pipe bag allowing moisture to condense on the inside of the tube


*Zip-access is required to fit connector into bottom of blowpipe stock.

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