Tone Protector™ - Humidity Control Packets (Pk of 2)

Tone Protector™ - Humidity Control Packets (Pk of 2)

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2-Pack of Replacement Humidity Control Packets (84%)

The Tone Protector uses pre-calibrated two-way humidity control packets to achieve a precisely-controlled, constant moisture content in your reeds for ultimate consistency, stability, performance, and improved overall sound.

You’ll know it is time to replace your packet when you see on the digital hygrometer/thermometer that the humidity level isn’t where it should be. How long this takes depends on the humidity level where you live and how much you play the reed.

With typical use, the humidity control packets last between months to years.  The recommended humidity level, for all pipers in every climate condition, is 84%.  This humidity level is based on thousands of hours of testing, and is for optimal results from your cane reeds, regardless of where you live in the world.

For best results, every Tone Protector product uses TWO packets at a time.

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