Children's Book - Bagpipes, Beasties, and Bogles

Children's Book - Bagpipes, Beasties, and Bogles

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Highly recommended!

Children`s Book - Bagpipes, Beasties and Bogles by Tim Archbold. 

Charlie McCandlewick is a nightsweep. But he doesn't sweep chimneys – oh no. While children are tucked up safely in their beds, Charlie takes care of the bogle creatures of the night: the Nippers and Nabbers who hide under your bed, the Croakies who flap about in cupboards and the Whigmaleeries who wail at windows. But once they've been safely captured in his thistle-cloth bag, what does Charlie do with all the beasties? 

This brilliant story from author and illustrator Tim Archbold will become a firm favourite with children and parents alike. Narrated in a hilarious, quirky style, with wonderfully illustrated beasties and bogles waiting to jump off each page, it will captivate readers until the final surprise twist.

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