Andante - Torque Limiter

Andante - Torque Limiter

Brand: Andante, Northern Ireland
Product Code: 711
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Price: $325.00

Andante Torque Limiter for Andante Snare Drums  

This torgue limiter is a high precision tuning tool, compatible only with Andante snare drums.

The torque limiter takes the guesswork out of tuning and makes the tuning process faster and more consistent when you're tuning multiple drums.

Pre-set to tighten each screw to the proper tension, the torque limiter will begin to slip once the correct tension has been achieved, preventing overtightening.  

This is a very practical and useful addition to your gear.


Tuning using a Torque Limiter

The Andante Torque Limiter is preset to give the correct torque on each screw for to tighten the Woven Kevlar Snare Drum Top Head to the ultimate playing tension. The Torque Limiter is very easy to use and will only work correctly with the Andante Snare Drum.

Refitting New Head in Top Assembly, using the Torque Limiter

Fit New Head in the Top Tension Ring.

The edge of the fulcrum ring and the inside of the head should be lightly lubricated with Vaseline each time the head is replaced.  The thread and head of the tension screws should be lubricated with Vaseline each time they are removed.

Fit Top Head and Tension Ring to Fulcrum Ring and start screws in threads by hand making sure each one turns without restriction.

Cross tighten 4 Screws at right angles to take up initial slack until the head becomes flat.

The screws should be brought down until you feel them starting to tighten, at this point you then use the Torque Limiter, best results are achieved by turning each screw a half turn and continually going round the head from 1-20.  If you make sure to turn each screw a half turn the head will tighten down evenly.

When the head starts to come to tension the torque limiter will turn each screw until it comes to the preset torque.  The torque limiter will then slip making a clicking noise.

Continue tightening until all of the screws stop turning and the torque limiter slips on each one.  This will require you to go round the head from 1- 20 a number of times, the drum should be played for about 10 minutes and then the tightness of the screws checked with the torque limiter, in most cases you will find a few of the screws will tighten slightly, this is due to the weave and the weft of the woven Kevlar head bedding into position.

If any adjustments are needed to your snare you should make them now.

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