Chesney Pipe Chanter Reed

Chesney Pipe Chanter Reed

Brand: Chesney Reeds, Northern Ireland
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Hand chiselled using select cane sourced from France by reedmakers with over 42 years of experience in the art of reedmaking. Chesney Pipe Reeds are known for their clarity and inbuilt ability to keep their stability and pitch in all conditions, even with a limited playing time.

The Chesney Reed is designed to be flatter on the top hand and sharper on the bottom hand. Developed using a split copper staple and designed to deliver great clarity on the bottom hand with an extra added breadth and depth built in on the top hand, notably on high G.

It is the Chesney Reed that is best balanced to be played in a wide range of Chanters, as demonstrated by many of the Worlds top pipe bands choosing to play it. The Chesney Reed has been played to win the last 8 Grade 1 World Championships and the last 4 Juvenile World Championships in succession.

Chesney Pipe Reeds are designed so tuning bands (o-bands) are not required. Tuning bands only serve to restrict vibration and therefore reduce the clarity, projection and volume of your sound.

Chesney Pipe Reeds are designed to help you achieve the full sound.

*We test EVERY reed, before we send it!  Tell us the make/model of the chanter you will be playing your new reed in (type in the box, above), and we will test your reed in the same make/model of chanter to ensure the best-possible match.


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