Blair Digital Chanter
  • Blair Digital Chanter
  • Blair Digital Chanter
  • Blair Digital Chanter
  • Blair Digital Chanter
  • Blair Digital Chanter
  • Blair Digital Chanter

Blair Digital Chanter

Brand: Blair Bagpipe Tuners
Product Code: BDC
Availability: More stock due soon!
Price: $995.00

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* Plain or Hand Engraved:

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Real sounds.  Real holes.  Real instrument.

The Blair Digital Chanter breaks new ground in electronic chanters with a massive number of features!

All sounds are 100% real, professionally recorded studio quality by Murray Blair.  The chanter has three default bagpipes to choose from; Highland Bagpipes, Smallpipes and Practice Chanter, and is fully updatable and expandable to add more bagpipe sounds in the future via the USB port.

The easy to read OLED screen displays the menu along with volume and battery status.  Everything is controlled by a single navigation button next to the screen, so easy!  

Mounts are available as plain or hand engraved (add $165).

FAQ's (and answers!):
Is there a headphone output? Yes
Can I plug into my Car? Yes
Is there a USB port? Yes

Does it have real holes? Yes
Are the sounds actually real? Yes, 100%
Is it possible to add more bagpipes? Yes
Can I play Highland Bagpipes at 440 or 466Hz? Yes
Are the Smallpipes real? Yes
Can I update the sounds? Yes
Does it have MIDI? Yes
Will it connect to an iPad? Yes
Does the metronome have real drum sounds? Yes.
Can I record with? Yes
Is the battery rechargeable? Yes
Can I use a portable USB power pack to charge? Yes
Does it have a case? Yes
Is the sound quality professional? Yes
How do I achieve the best sound quality? Good headphones or speaker
Can I add a wireless transmitter for audio? Yes
I've dry hands, will it work? Yes
Can I choose engraved or plain mountings? Yes


Priced from $995 with plain ferrule and sole

Click here for Murray Blair Bagpipes Support and Documentation, including Frequently Asked Questions and Manual Download.



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