RGH00 Plain Turned
  • RGH00 Plain Turned
  • RGH00 Plain Turned
  • RGH00 Plain Turned

RGH00 Plain Turned

Brand: R G Hardie & Co
Product Code: RGH00
Availability: Normal Delivery 8 - 10 Weeks
Price: $1,975.00

Available Options

* Blowpipe Length (Inches):

* Fully Set Up or Sticks Only:

Pipe Bag Size:

Cover Option:

Cord Colour:

* Add RGH Piper Case:

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*Price is for Sticks Only (Drones, Stocks, Blowpipe, RGH Infinity Chanter).  Customise your order, or have your pipes expertly set up and ready to play, fully reeded, with cords and cover, for just $700 more!*

Made from African Blackwood, R.G. Hardie bagpipes are proudly owned by pipers worldwide.  They have their own unique look and are available in a variety of affordable models. They are ideal for both beginners and those who take piping seriously.

RG Hardie bagpipes are made to the highest standards by master craftsmen, overseen by Managing Director Alastair Dunn, Pipe Sergeant of World Champion Pipe Band Field Marshal Montgomery.

Each set comes with “R.G. Hardie” and the year of manufacture engraved on the bass stock.

RGH00 Features:

  • - RG Hardie 'Infinity' Plastic Chanter 
  • - Plain turned African Blackwood
  • - Beaded nickel ferrules
  • - Beaded nickel ring caps
  • - Blackwood ring cap bushes and button mounts.
  • - 5 year guarantee


Blowpipe Size Guide
8" inches suitable for 4ft – 4 ½ ft height
9 inches suitable for 4 ½ ft – 5ft height
10 inches suitable for 5ft – 5 ½ ft height
11 inches suitable for 5 ½ ft – 6ft height
12 inches suitable for 6ft + height


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