Cybermax Snare Drum Head - for Pearl & HTS200

Cybermax Snare Drum Head - for Pearl & HTS200

Brand: Remo, USA
Product Code: KS-0524-00
Availability: In Stock
Price: $120.00 $100.00


CyberMax Universal Snare Drum Head for Pearl and HTS200 - see compatibility, below.

This well-known pipe band snare head offers a very bright tone.  Developed with Jim Kilpatrick specifically for high tension pipe band snares, CyberMax offers the precision and projection pipe band snare drummers seek.  This drum head is precisely 14" and is suggested as the ideal replacement for newer Pearl snare drums and early Premier HTS drums.

Use this Cybermax with:
  • - Pearl FFX snare drums made from 2009 to today
  • - Premier HTS 200
  • - Andante Reactor
For later Premier drums and earlier Pearl drums, use the other Cybermax head (KS-0514-PR)

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