Tartan - Earl of Skye Blue Dress

Tartan - Earl of Skye Blue Dress

Brand: D.C. Dalgliesh, Scotland
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D.C. Dalgliesh tartans are regarded as of the finest dancers' dress tartans.  The pure new wool yarn is woven more tightly than by the bulk producers.  This gives a crisper pleat and more robust wear, far superior to the flimsy merino now used elsewhere.  And the choice of over a hundred dress designs is the world's largest. D.C. Dalgliesh is Scotland's last authentic artisan tartan weaver, still producing only traditional tartans with a natural (kilting) selvedge.

11oz weight, Tuck in selvedge and 140cm wide - sold by the metre (length).

Dancing Kilts available in all Dalgliesh Dancing Tartans.

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